The District 1 Female participated in the 50th Hunger Games. Not much is known about her. Of course she lived in District 1 and went into the 50th Hunger Games with 3 other people from her District. In Mainstay Production's video (, She was portrayed by the actress Danielle Churchran.

Death Edit

The District 1 Female was the last death of the 50th Hunger Games. She died when she threw her weapon,a hatchet, at Haymitch Abernathy.Haymitch collapsed and the Hatchet missed, flying over the edge of a cliff. But her hatchet richocheted off the forcefield and hit her, killing her. This somewhat angered the Gamemakers and President Snow because it made them look stupid for letting Haymitch use the Arena as a weapon.

D1 Female

(Danielle Churchran)The District 1 female in the Second Quarter Quell video