Enobaria is a Female Tribute for District 2. She participated in and won the 62nd Hunger Games and was reaped yet again to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, The Third Qaurter Quell.


Enobaria was the Victor of the 62nd Hunger Games. She became well-known for ripping out an opponents throat with her teeth during combat. She even got her teeth cosmetically altered to end in sharp points and aligned with gold. She is around thirty years old, and lives in District 2. During the Games, she most likely participated in the bloodbath, killing off 8 previous victors. It is uncertain if she made any more kills but it is unlikely since only 2 other non-Career tributes died in combat: Chaff and Wiress. She was taken by the Capitol for questioning about the rebellion but since she didn't know anything she was realeased. She joined the rebels when they took over District 2 and managed to survive the Victors purge. She was one of the seven remaining victors and voted yes to having the 76th Hunger Games.