Gloss is a Victor from District One of a Previous Games. It is unknown if he was reaped or if he volunteered for the 75th Hunger Games. He has a Sister, Cashmere , who he won back to Back games with.

Basic information Edit

Gloss is the District 1 male tribute in the 75th Hunger Games. He has a sister named Cashmere. He and Cashmere are both victors of previous, consecutive Games, and both competed in the 75th Hunger these games they were major threats, teaming up with Brutus and Enobaria to form the Career alliance that possibly wiped out most of the other victors in the games. It is possible that they mentored Glimmer and Marvel. He is said to have blonde hair.


Gloss was seen at the Hammock making station when Katniss went to that station. She felt awkward about being there, however, because she as nice as they were to her, she had killed both of District 1's tributes in the Games the year before, both of who could have been mentored by Gloss.


Gloss formed an alliance of Him, Cashmere, Brutus and Enobaria which formed the career alliance. They were shown to be deadly, with the bloodbath killing off 8 tributes, 7 of which could have been killed by the Careers. It is nknown however who actually killed who because Katniss left the Bloodbath with Finnick, Mags and Peeta.

Later on when the Careers reappear, they attack the alliance consisting of Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Johanna, Beetee and Wiress. Gloss slides from the water and cuts Wiress' throat, who was singing a nursery Rhyme to herself, alerting the alliance to their presence.


Gloss was killed by Katniss, who shot him in the temple with an arrow after he sneaked up on the alliance and slit Wiress' throat.


  • Katniss killed all of the District 1 tributes barr Cashmere, who was killed a moment later by Johanna.
  • He is hit in the calf trying to dive out of the way of an arrow shot at him by Katniss at the Bloodbath.